Blog: 5 Street Photographs: London

5 Street photographs. Another instalment from recent London adventures. All images photographed with my fixed 35mm equivalent Fuji x100, no telephoto lenses, just using the Zack Arias style of standing right next to them in plain sight. I was probably only 3 metres away in the first image. I wish I had been shown this …

The Aurora Borealis – Seen from Norfolk!

Holy Mackerel. I had just come downstairs after settling the little one when my wife Siobhan shoved her phone in my face, showing me loads of people on twitter talking about seeing the Aurora Borealis over Norfolk this evening. Wow. Annoyingly it transpired that the strongest activity & sightings happened much earlier – around 8-9pm, …

Street Photography: London – Colour, colour, colour

Street photography is fast becoming my favourite type of photography, I just can’t get enough of it. Here are a couple of images taken from a recent trip to London, shot on my aged Fuji X100…. [VIEW MORE]

A sneak peek: A new personal project underway

The project happened completely by accident, last year I photographed a back lit leaf purely by chance whilst shooting for another client, and that image stuck in my head for many months after. I wanted to experiment using remote flashes behind leaves of various thickness, sizes and shapes and see what kind of colours and patterns would be hidden inside…. [VIEW MORE]

Aerial Photography: A few images from Norfolk

I thought I’d share a few aerial photographs from some trips up into the sky. I’ve upgraded my little quadcopter for something a lot bigger. We still have proper rigs for lifting real sized cameras and video cameras, but these shots are all just from my little hexacopter in my spare time. So much fun, another reason to get outside. As usual, if you want to see the whole…. [VIEW MORE]

The bright orange spikes of Solanum quitoense (Naranjilla)

This plant, the Solanum quitoense (Naranjilla) always fascinates me when I see it in the polytunnel. Incredible colour and evil spines, it was just asking to be popped from below with a flash…. [VIEW MORE]

Daily Image: The Bat Cave, Bali – South East Asia

Scared of bats? I hope not.. as stuck in the cave entrance we were faced with rather a few of the little blighters! Goa Lawah – The Bat Cave, Bali, Indonesia – South East Asia

Daily Image: The underwater ruins of Kbal Spean Temple, Cambodia

The underwater ruins of Kbal Spean Temple, from my Cambodia travel photography archive. “The site consists of a series of stone carvings in sandstone formations carved in the river bed and banks. It is commonly known as the “Valley of a 1000 Lingas” or “The River of a Thousand Lingas”

Testing the Aerial Photography rig in Wymondham, Norfolk

I’ve been rather consumed recently building a remote controlled rig to get a camera in the sky to see what I can capture… I’ve always been a little bit obsessed but never really got my act together. So here we are, day one, image set one. May it all be up from here! Photographs taken from a remote UAV quadcopter and a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition….

New environmental portraits for BBC Gardening expert Will Giles

I just thought I’d share with you a new set of portraits of BBC Radio & Gardening expert Will Giles, as he needed some up to date portraits. Plant & cat obsessive, as anyone that knows him will testify! Photographed in his new & massive poly tunnel, the background is genuinely the huge leaves of the exotic plants in situ, nothing added here – in the heart of Norwich!..

Kiteboarding in Bonaire – Kitesurfing with the professionals on Atlantis Beach!

I could have photographed these kiteboarders all day long, they were incredible to watch, especially when they were pulling super high jumps with ridiculous ease! I took the plunge the next day and booked a few lessons – I must say it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done, I totally recommend it if you ever get the chance….

Carnival Boys – Shooting from the hip with the x100

These two photographs caught my eye, I saw these loud kids walking towards us, it looked like they had been fighting with each other – interesting body language between the three boys in the first shot, and the second shot really shows the emotion of the other boy as he walks past my lens. I’m still loving the x100, totally wonderful to use….

Triathletes: Photos of Whitlingham Triathlon 2012

Last weekend featured another early morning start to photograph the Whitlingham Triathlon 2012, another incredible set of amazing triathletes including Mark Cox who I have photographed before. Fortunate weather for it, and some interesting and rather sketchy antics shooting out the car tailgate with…