Will Giles. My personal photographic tribute.

I was extremely fortunate to know Will. He was a kind, generous, humorous and potty mouthed chap, passionate about growing all kinds of weird and wonderful plants from his personal centre of the universe in the heart of Norwich. Will had an incredibly creative eye which can be seen throughout his work, his home, his garden and also his own photography.

Will never claimed to be good at anything (other than knowing every single episode of Star Trek) and the extent of his horticultural knowledge and his real personality was often hidden behind a myriad of floral shirts and an effervescent persona. Will was obsessed with Earl Grey tea, and it was a common sight to see him drinking more than one cup at a time. His extravagant gardening style was (and still will be) an inspiration to many thousands of people around the globe.
My most enduring and fond memory of Will was his unique and quite addictive skill for re-arranging complex latin plant names into ‘suspect’ alternatives combined with ‘floral’ language. I often discover when attempting to remember a plant name, Will’s ‘suspect’ renaming has replaced all memory of the original. Attractive Car Parts = Trachycarpus.

Over 15 years of friendship I have collected a series of formal and informal portraits which can be seen below. He was an incredible guy and I miss him dearly. Will died on September 2nd 2015, aged 64. The best obituary can be found in the Telegraph here.

Thanks for all you taught me Will.

Chris Ridley