Collection of iPhone photos from the last few months…

I have put together a quick gallery of iPhone photos I have taken over the last few months, as much as I love my awesome Canon 5DMK2 plus all the usual kit, I love having a single small camera with me at all times. It’s great not having to think about all the technicalities of the normal camera, it’s a nice change just having a ‘point and shoot’ approach once in a while, something you forget until you put the heavy old DSLR down. Don’t get me wrong, the DSLR is a beast, but for little fun out and about shots the bast camera is really the one you have with you (Thanks Chase Jarvis for the super cheesy line!) So here it is, just a few I dragged off my phone and stuck up here for the world to see. Most of the effects are through the Hipstamatic iPhone photography application, or the CoolFx iPhone application.

[nggallery id=1]

2 thoughts on “Collection of iPhone photos from the last few months…

  1. are you joking? i LOVE this look even if it was taken with the iphone. at this rate — i’m surprised no one has shot an entire wedding with this app, it looks way cool and it’d save time on the post processing ;) haha

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